To You

Eat a cake with me!
Eat a cake with me now!

And let us talk together,
talk about what we know,
and about what we want to know.

It could be good, you know,
to once again,
take up the trivial,
and that which is sad,
and then all which is good,
find what it is,
and gather around that.

Not an impossibility, is it?
And if it is,
we are not stopped by that.

Another piece of cake?
Thank you! You are welcome!
And some more coffee.




I was surprised,
really surprised!

About what?
About that moment,
that another being experienced something,
and that I in my endavours to help,
was myself helped.

That it gave a vision or a view
that something great would happen,
almost timeless,
a similarity with the spirit or the spiritual.

But here was greatness,
a realization that the impossible would happen,
something very special.

And that moment could not easily be held.
But this greatness which said that this was grand,
and that everything else was less than it,
gradually downwards,
that was the spirit and the spiritual,
and from there I can move limitlessly ahead,
and form it along the way.

But it was meeting with a spirit,
and from there on things can flow and be handled
and accordingly be arranged.
It does not even need to be kept there
It was greatness again.

Recognition of a great man or spirit,
flowing out as affinity,
the only way to express it.

But it will be there and go on from there,
until new meeting on an even higher level,
and from there on source to new life.

Always circling upwards
towards Truth Truth Truth.



Just for a moment

Always when, so it is there.
It is the big things and it is the small ones.

And the big count the most, I think,
most pulling, most on a purpose
and with that
a lot of the small matters disappear
on the way,
problems in present time will also disappear,
yes, one self disappears,
from the small nooks and crannies,
where one sits hidden and stuck.

And the occasion is most often
the person in front of you,
because that person is an immortal being
and with that person you can travel
millions of years back
and millions of years ahead
all in a short moment,
for the time of eternity is exactly now
and can embrace as much earthly time
as it wishes in the moment.

So let us expand those moments,
and make a golden age.



Play and laugh

Play and Laugh
Play and Laugh,
continue as you are

Play and laugh,
you are totally OK

Nothing wrong with you,
just continue

And do not think for a minute,
that I do not have my share
of sorrow and disaster

But when I see you,
I also get my part
of your play and laugh

So come on,
and continue as you are

And then in the end,
the victory will be
for all.




With words you can dream
In words you can swim
You can jump up and down
and go here and there
and straight ahead
and - - bong!
make a song
Satisfy your desire
for freedom and happiness
You can step on those who suppress
and aid those in distress

Hip and hop and
Tell me then
what with words you can not do
Hip and hop and
From now all shall be well
I run ahead
and you follow
If you like my words
then you can just say.




When you do not think any thoughts,
when you have nothing to do,
then send me a little thought,
because just then,
I also have a break.



The poet

It is a terrible thing to think
that one can just sit and write poetry
and believe one can get away with it
and leave to others the effort and grind
to keep the world ticking

with important things
such as food and drink
and clothing, shoes and shelter,
getting married and having children

and all of life´s necessities,
and ministers who preach truths,
perform naming ceremonies and hold sermons at funerals,
so that we enter the world and leave it with decency,

yes you know all of that
which is so necessary
and then a poet sits there
and just about skips over all that is mentioned here
and thinks he can get away with it,

yes how far
can a man get away
from all those regularly industrious and humble.




Your speech
             pleases me

Your words I easily

They come forward
             clippety clop

I rather take long

In fact I am a bit

In the word´s use and ways

I am rather fond of the

of speech without words
surging through forests, mountains

arriving at bulls eye
             right where you live